Welcome to my blogs.

 My approach to this medium is somewhat unique in relation to intent, process and strategy. My blogs are conversational. So, most times they are not completed  in one sitting at the keyboard. They are also not done as a marketing tool-more an  educational one.

They are mainly a refinement in written form of the concepts and ideas that guide my life. The images that accompany them are the enablers that help me convey the message or messages.

These messages and the accompanying images have two main purposes. That are to inform and to shock. The latter you may know from psychiatry of yesteryear. However, the shocking here is different but may still leave you with some discomfort. You can get upset from what is presented. You may be surprised of what you see or acknowledge ideas that are similar to yours. Or in the end you completely withdraw from what I have been saying.

 In the end I would have fulfilled my purpose.

When I have completed my refining it would naturally end the process and this will be turned in to a book-a photo autobiography-for sale if you wish. 

 But please remember that I am not the typical writer or maybe not a writer at all. This does not concern me in any negative way. I view this as something I have to do and I am doing it..

 And my issue is not with people. But with the ideas that they attempt to pass on to us as sound ideas and expect us to just LAP them all  up.

Most times I refer to these ideas as CONVENTIONAL WISDOM.

 It's my intention, now, to limit my offerings strictly to concept pieces and you can show your  support by offering some banter -to begin a debate- so that further refinement could take place, only remembering ,that I am not doing this as though I am in a popularity contest.