My approach to this medium is creative, impulsive and perhaps different  because I don't plan to write . An idea just pops in my head, I search to see if I have an image from past shooting exercises. If not ,now ,this part is new, I first did this in Cuba(it seems always to be here for additions to my techniques), in February, 2018, I get out and shoot the image in the way to communicate my message & after editing it, upload it on my site , then begin my one finger punching. I am not really a writer. So ,this is one of my challenges. I basically think ....write I believe a WRITER  write... think ,first with or in  scrap; then refine in front of the keyboard, the think here ,on the board, is his/her implementing the writing skills learnt.

Popping -up is something very familiar  to me.I  don't pop-up at people's homes unannounced though, but ideas always pop-up.

And this morning(2018-03-19) one did.

So if you navigate to view all my blogs you will now see IN THIS WILDERNESS and when you click on it you will then come to A VOICE,

Yes ,my voice in words and images.

That came to me this morning when I punch ,angrily about what can be the only plausible explanation for what a company has done to me and maybe others.

There will be lull in the import of blogs for about two weeks ,while I review all that I have done so far. This lull is for a comprehensive look at the whole site in order to ensure that I am following best practice on all fronts. You will be aware when the streamlining is complete. Drastic overhauling is not in the cards, just moving with a rhythm  to optimize every aspect of my workflow.