We Ready We Ready Now...Nah!

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We Ready We Ready Now...Nah!We Ready We Ready Now...Nah!

This is really a strong critique of the management of this airline-but ,in my opinion, it's still the Caribbean's best in terms of meals and the warmth from the Caribbean's in flight staff.Now I was going to Miami  not Cuba  here  but I was  happy that I took it, because I could use it here to convey a message to CAL's Management.

I was happy when CAL made the decision to fly to Cuba from January 2018. I  reserved a space  for February, 2018 after  I received the alert on my phone in December,2017.

I was surprised   to be asked by the staff completing the sale asked for the name of the entry document to Cuba and where it could be accessed , in OUR COUNTRY.

I was a bit embarrassed for the  staff so I tried helping.  In my opinion, Management  DID NOT COVER ALL ITS BASES.

So when I had to depart in February I was hoping that all bases were covered.

On the plane now and we are ready to depart I hear the pursuer rattling off some Spanish-I felt everything was covered.qu.

But in the air, only English was spoken to   complete the journey!.

I didn't know so much Cubans visited Trinidad  it was  was revealed  to me later that they were coming to Trinidad on COPA. .

So,this was an astute business move.

But the planning fall short in two areas basically.

The one already mentioned -not having staff with the ablity to speak the Language of the destination.

Put yourself on a COPA trip and you may understand. Spanish IS USUALLY THE LANGUAGE USED. But  most stewards can converse in another language, especially English. 

 The suggestion is that you should have at least one fluent Spanish speaking person on your trips to Cuba.

When I was about to disembark a Cuban nurse ,working in Trinidad,but returning home, and was just in front of me said what I intended to say to the purser. So when leaving I said ditto.

This was it: 

Most of the people you have on the plane are Cubans who don't speak English,so they didn't understand a word you said. So try and get your management to employ some people who could speak Spanish.

Don't think she was asking for a job, but she works in a caring Profession,so she would pay attention to those sort of things.

Couldn't understand how CAL didn't use  COPA in their research/planning(albeit clandestine) when the decision was made or when the it was still an idea. 

Things like these always make me remember seeing that document "THINKING THINGS THROUGH" on the streets of Port of Spain as waste.

We truly NOT READY

When we decide to be of service on in a service industry we are supposed to PUT PEOPLE FIRST and when I speak of people,your staff  included-they are your foot soldiers and should not bear unnecessary pain or embarrassment.

The way I learn to interpret this is PUT YOURSELF IN OTHER PEOPLES' SHOES.

   If things have changed please  tell me about it. So I could adjust this blog.

But something happened yesterday and I am happy that I hold on to friends who can voice their opinion and I will listen when they talk or read what they write and truly considerer what THEY dish MY WAY  never wanting to be  vindictive.

This one talked about Righteous Indignation and I said or that's why  them Big time managers call me self righteous when I thought I was just asking a simple question or pointing to a grave issue that needed some corrective action.

I was reminded that some or most people in authority are thinned skin and they could or will use their power against you. Just Christmas someone told me don't point my fingers at him. But seeing that I am a little child ,he was showing me how I was pointing them. So like if I was still in PRIMARY SCHOOL. I said Sir, you are also pointing at me. That man became so angry I believed if there was any security I would have been escorted out.

All I went to the place for was to ask for something that is very outstanding and it was promised by Christmas month. It is  is something I worked my A..Off for. That NEWBEE MADE ME BELIEVE I WAS BEGGING.BECAUSE HE NOW HAS THE POWER. I hope, he knows(and using the power of my gran ma's goat mouth) THE LONGEST ROAD HAS AND END;....& THE LONGEST PRAYER HAS AMEN.(This whole story may be an upcoming blog and please ,my gran ma's statement is not a treat nor witchcraft just the natural forces of  nature that correct all evil and evil doers).  

So CAL If I am pointing fingers in your direction, you should know you are mine and my airline and as the old people say more fingers are pointing back at me. And that is what people don't understand when people like me criticize. This is not mauves langue otherwise it would not be up here and don't want any cheap publicity-remember again it's cheap(that can't help me) All I want is improvement.




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