Book Sense vs Common sense.

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Book Sense vs Common sense.Book Sense vs Common sense.

When I began visiting Cuba my ability to understand and converse in Spanish was poor. And the first time I visited the country I stayed in a hotel  that  my pocket could have afforded. It was while I was there I learnt from Cubans more economical means to stay in their country and be closer to the people. So arrangements were made for me to stay at bed & breakfasts at first ,then, later complete apartments. But wherever I stayed I saw this sign and in the B&B the owners will say that the authorities usually visited to observe and see if they were operating within the confines of the laws.

So when my Cuban friend in conversation mentioned the term PATENTE LEGAL  in my mind I went to word patent  and legality so I assumed she was talking about a legal patent or permission by the authorities to do the kind of business-because everybody can't have the same patent. That would not make sense.

And that's what common sense is about.

It's about ASSOCIATING  (and making sense from)what you KNOW with what you ENCOUNTER  in order to ESTABLISH PATTERNS-to facilitate harmony in your mind.

New things ,new adventures entice your curiosity to discover and use what is already learnt-this thought process of association is the human beings comfort zone. And it feeds on the building block theory.

My mother was a great CRAFT PERSON/INFLUENCER in this area of mentoring.

 She created and enabling environment for this kind of common sense learning to flourish not by pushing down her children's throats instructions but creating an enabling environment through conditioning in order that common sense to flow and always be at the front of her children's minds.

A simple but powerful example is the use of the phrase COMMON SENSE WAS MADE BEFORE BOOK(for sure, that's not her way of saying it, but this way:- COMMON SENSE MAKE BEFORE BOOK). 

Whenever I was around her while attending Secondary school THE PHRASE was used more than three times a day, most of the week because she found her son ,me, too self opinionated. I hope you understanding how important words and their REPETITION, ARE.

I can now safely say, despite all that I have said about the unintended consequences of her actions, that I am happier man because my mother was never a graduate of a University.

For she would have never been a BETTER INFLUENCER TO HER SON, IF SHE WAS.

In my opinion, formalized education would have corrupted her persuasive techniques.

And being my mother's & father's son I need to say this since I mentioned the word patent more than once I believe that I should say that I use Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom  6 software which I bought as a STANDALONE ONE and try to use it sparingly in editing- using it more as a great cataloging tool .

When some or major enhancement is needed as part of an idea I rely only on Nik's Silver effects  & its Color effects Pro plug-in.

My parents thought me to buy what you truly need. Then its yours. It's not on hire purchase-so people CAN'T COME IN YOUR HOUSE and embarrass you or routinely check how you using they product-that's why we bought even though we were poor and acknowledge with gratitude when people help, though big or small-in terms of their gesture or their circumstances in life.

These acts should never be considered naïveté, or stupidity, just purely good manners, or good breeding.


It's a pity my father isn't alive to see me write or record this. But they conditioned me to say these kind of things and also to be prepared to take on the consequences of all my actions-that's the life-my life(can't run from it, can't  deny it.  


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