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Depicting symbolically a teaching style employed my father-parents on the whole.


This is an image from The ROCKHOUSE, Negril, Jamaica.

I captured this one morning to show and record my jogging track on mornings. I call this part My Challenge because I practiced eye and foot coordination while traversing this path. Knowing full well that if I did it incorrectly I would fall and land on rocks-some with sharp edges. Every morning I did it successfully. So the first purpose of recording the image was as an ego/confidence boost symbol.

But ,while photographing it I saw how miraculously the sunlight had depicted my jogging path and decided to use it as this all important concept piece on EDUCATION and the early important tool or technique that my parents employed to teach me.

This idea also reminded me of the instrument used when I was young to  guided/illuminate us at night in our village-the torch light.

So the concept piece represents  associating two different scenes using(the image ,here, firstly, showing the natural light casted by the morning sun on the exact areas of my jogging and ,secondly, a mind's eye  image from my youth with a  torch light( a precise tool that clearly illuminated our path ,at night).

 So the association is symbolic  and the addition is noting the way my father used the instrument to guide us , similar to his all round  style of guidance- never leading us from in front  but at the side illuminating the way with guidance

And ,of course,you had the option to go or not to go.


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DESIDERATA - You Are A Child Of The Universe - original version DESIDERATA - You Are A Child Of The Universe - original versionA unique and special gift to you.
I first heard it on a Reddfusion Radio while about 9 or less and it ,to use your word, resonated with me from then.
I could now say that I have tested all aspects of the statement.
So to me in it is not just a guide for living but also what was its main function in my earlier life-inspiration(especially this part-you are a child of the universe-no less than the trees and the stars.You have a right to be here. And this part-the UNIVERSE IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD).


Not my video but one of my evergreen favorites.

It's here as a special gift to you. Listen and/or read, if you wish.
I first heard it on a Rediffusion Radio while about age nine or less and it stayed with me from then, until now.
I could now say that I have tested all the words through my experiences and by now you should know I am very stubborn.
  My conclusion ,it is not just a guide & wisdom for living but also inspiration -its main function in my early life.

These are the words that were inspirational and I took note of in my childhood-"You are a Child of the Universe-no less than the trees and the stars. You have a Right to be Here." 

And this part-..."No doubt the UNIVERSE IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD".

My gift to you and be BLESSED.

Good Bye, it was nice on this medium.

I am all out-perhaps of ideas.

Somehow, I still believe in the cliche that THE TRUTH SETS YOU FREE. So I am coming clean with YOUALL.

The real reason is the fact that I have exhausted my intentions on this medium. You should remember my original intention.

So after testing and playing around with all kind of ideas. I am in the process of refining MY original INTENTION on the medium.

So for me, blogging was never about marketing a website. But showing YOU the principles and the people that guided me along my journey on this planet and in a sense clarifying  and putting my thoughts in written/photo  format for a unique(in my opinion) auto biography.


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A Clear case of Mimicking A Clear case of MimickingA Clear case of MimickingChildren love to this. And in this case parents helped. You can surely say that the tagline "the next Caribbean Super model" is a suitable tag for this subject. For we may never know.


Children love to mimic.

And ,in this image of my subject, her grandmother helped. She helped the child to imitate a fabulous model.

This was captured in 2014 and you may be willing to suggest this title:- "The next Caribbean Super Model" and perhaps it could be a safe prediction.

 But let's get to the main content of the blog.

I never really read much novels in my early years-before and at schooling. The books that held my interest were about science and psychology. Science was the backbone of my early schooling(my area of interest as a career) and Psychology,  the backbone of my early enquiry(understanding the people who I encounter and  the I in me).


I turned to reading novels while I was at the University in my country on the suggestion of my girlfriend ,who ,although in the sciences, was excellent at expressing herself in writing and when talking. At the time, that surprised me and I decided to follow her approach to improve my ability at both. 

 Turning to Caribbean authors and not novels on the whole was more logical to me  and I chose two- Laming and Lovelace. Their works helped me to understand my own existence in the Caribbean and assisted with my study of the Caribbean. 

Never read any of Naipaul's books, but "The Mimic Men" held my interest only as far as the title of novel was concerned. I believed(without reading it) that the book was a narrative on the social behavior of an important group(which he was a part) in my country. For it has always been said that Trinidadians are great mimics.

I can give you two examples of Trinidadians of my own ethnicity. The first ,was a head of state-our first Trinidadian of African ancestry.  Just listen to his speeches you would think he was British by birth and the same goes for another who might be still  in media and carries my first name.

So, I assume from the title that Naipaul's book was a narrative of the social behaviors of the people of whom he had first hand knowledge.

But the author is deserving of further accolades from the title of this book.

For with some tweaking and his ingenuity, a book with a slight alteration to the original title and new narrative on social behavior can have more far-reaching  effects, than the original.

 I am suggesting that he should do a New Edition of his book ,making it less particularistic and include global phenomena in social behaviors.

He  should change the title from The Mimic  Men to Mimic Men and alter the narrative to include the whole world-writing now, about man's pursuits to improve the world.






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Hey! Clam Up!-my work education continues I

You may say that this is a suitable concept that I should use on myself. I should just shut..the f..up because it did not help. It made my circumstances worst.

Then I would refer you to these words: "STRENGTH does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths".

I'll stop with this there, even though there was more.

You see, I do things because I am capable of doing them. I do to prove a or the point. And most times history or time gives me the satisfaction.

I have never made money ,or the lack of it, guide my moral,spiritual, or work behavior or judgement. It was always about doing or saying the right thing. Fear, favor or ill will never dissuaded me from what I had to or say.

There was a particular boss in the last part of the middle years and was there to my end who was very good at tagging-I was tagged SELF RIGHTEOUS and SENSITIVE.

But tagging and not understanding the meaning of words demonstrated a limitation.

For in all my years I spoke up (and out) of injustices done to me personally and in effort to improve my workflow. So yes I was sensitive -sensitive to issues. But the individual made and view things on a personal level and an emotional one-the weakness in the persons understanding of issues. So if you try to belittle me I will express or highlight your intentions and request you that correct your ways  call it what you wish I am not going to take that shit from you. And more so if you are obscene. And doing that to people senior to me could never be the rationale for me to accept that shit. If you wish my respect  DO THE RIGHT and DECENT THING. 

But if I asked a question on a Monday morning because  (all I am thinking is the work I have to do in my Department for the week) your personal matters are really not my business and your insults are deflected so much so that I received a call from the relevant Manager a couple of days after this incident that the organization would be advertising the position-the one in which I am the actor. Tell me who is the SENSITIVE one according to these people's definition.

My parents thought me somethings very early some directly and others indirectly-things I picked up from observation of their behaviors. I have the uttermost respect for those deserving that. And the determinant  is never color, position,power ,status or money.

So I speak when I see the need to. I told the puppet master I follow written instructions. So I asked for the person's instructions in writing. I was not prepared to sign anything without the person's signature. In an instance of opening a flagship in south I was barked with obscenities on the phone by a puppet because I refused to sign a contract without proper information ,without proper wording but I was the delusional one.

I can go on and on, but I will CLAM-UP now, ok.

Suffice it to say, once you disrespect me ,you can never earn that back.

If people believe in the concept THAT AN EXCELLENT BOSS, BOSSES YOU AROUND. And  is a bully. Maybe that's why some workers go for a drink rather than eat lunch at LUNCHTIME. Or why they are so sick and stressed out at home-very interesting ideas. Do our consultants and experts research and pronounce on these things. Or ,perhaps they are valueless.

 My memory for incidences is powerful-the good and the bad.

I now leave you with the last part of the statement  sent to me by an old colleague from Secondary school. I started with one part of it.

And I end with the final part "When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength".

My overriding strength comes from the core VALUES  bestowed on to me by the inner circle of my family and enriched by others I met on the way growing up.

I have never moved from these.

I can't, I don't want to create an earthquake-too much people would be turning in their graves.

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My Real Education the Mid Years-the introduction My Real Education-the Mid Years_Pt.2My Real Education-the Mid Years_Pt.2I call these years my "mid life crisis".

 I liken these years to a period of "mid life crisis”-hot, confusing because you can’t really understand what is happening and why.But as it continues you tentatively make sense of what is really happening to you, with the help of your true support.

But this period began before this Management setting.It began at the NHA-the predecessor.

Need to say a little about the photo. They say a picture tells a thousands words. And that may be true. You can possibly construct personality types from the expressions on the faces,here.  And if I help by laying out the words you can pin them correctly. I am not going to to this. However, one individual is not much in the photo and that also is a clear depiction.

As I might have said before this was not my first professional appointment. I began teaching at a Secondary School in Curepe for one day. I got the call while I was on the job. The first in line for the job was one who had a Masters in Sociology and a Degree in Law. They turned to me after the chap refused the offer. I can only say this because I was familiar with the person but did not use any strategy on him to influence his refusal.

Nevertheless I saw the position as the best fit for me in my country.

Although I was not an architect , engineer , land or quantity surveyor. I saw my job in construction-helping my colleagues create designs ,layouts, buildings and communities that would enrich peoples lives. So I asked plenty questions and made bold and brave comments. I also worked with many organizations outside of my workplace to build my institutional knowledge in my field focusing on its relevance to my workplace(so petty jealousy might have been also included in the mix).

 That's when my problems began.

For I spoke constructively but people saw my comments as destructive-targeting their person not their ability to do a good job.

The first to be influenced in getting the rid of me was one who had a Doctorate in engineering.

In his first attempt I was saved  by one whose last name began with the letter D. In his second attempt I was saved by a Doctor of Medicine.

 Nevertheless, this image represented the era of real subterfuge. What came in this era was the crisis. I only survive because I believe in God do good, and people like one who has returned to the Ministry(not one of religion)  helped preserved my job when my Department was no to be included in the new organization-HDC. 

And please people I am discussing my experiences.With one major intention-public information.

For I spent most of my years in the service of my country-not with arms, but with blood, sweat and tears.  I can assure you that this statement is not all  figurative. Not wanting anything more than the salary I agreed to accept. And I can assure you my years at the HDC were the worse.

What was another bother was the fact that I always tried to be a gentleman. Giving compliments not using what I could not give anyone-not even my family. I never told anyone I could help them get the main product we offered for two reasons .The first,I never wanted to be beholden to anyone.

 I can say this though. I have been a victim-of peoples abuse of power.

But also a survivor because even though I seldom go to church I have always had DEVINE GUIDANCE.  I don’t have to admit that I always tried to  do good or be good. You may say my words are harsh. But that’s my way expressing.

I am even more brutish in my level of criticism on my friends and myself.

In fact the major player in this subterfuge (in this period)who I call here the puppet master used the word GOOD SOUL to describe me.

Now I am not sure if the person understood what he said to me. But a friend who perhaps suffered similar to me under him and was closer to the ocean than me described this same person as EVIL.

I believed it is best that I use this image as an introductory platform.

Just adding a little more than information but an argument or a hypothesis. It’s these peoples’ abuse of power that have this country were it is at this point.

Think on this, much money pass through this country and was earned by this country. But we are more now than ever struggling to be at first world status.

Where are we pray tell?



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Turning the Looking Glass concept on its Head Turning the Looking Glass concept on its HEADTurning the Looking Glass concept on its HEADLex preparing to leave in 2015.


  The idea of the "Looking Glass Self" is something I read about before entering University. I am using this image of my partner to debunk it.

The image is insightful in many ways but I'll just name one and begin the rebunking. She is of mixed ancestry-African,Causcian and Indian. But as seen in the image,she chose one-the African in her-to follow.And apart from this,she does this in many other ways.

 People are identified in many ways I sometimes believe that a better word may the term LABEL. So you are labeled  by the clothes you wear, your hair cut, how you talk and even how you smell.

And who determine these, if I may asked? Society's conventions, not you. Society's conventions is what I refer as the MIRROR and the people who ensure conformity-the smaller mirrors(the social agents)-your significant others.

 I began my  debunking from very young especially when I started earning money. I could not see how CLOTHES COULD MAKE ME A MAN.

My manner of dressing is no determinant of my character, my intellectual capacity, my goodness or badness.  But authorities profile you according to these specious ideas.

I never bought a suit and I was willing to be displaced as a Manager,if I had to wear one. I never saw this piece of clothing relevant for this side of the world. But it seems to be the uniform of the mighty, the good, the believable and righteous-ignoring what comes out of the mouths of the people wearing them, and these people other behaviors. And that's sad.

 I have just used this as an important example because people are still confounded by it. For I have seen people with RASTAFARIAN HAIRSTYLES with suits.That to me brings cognitive dissonance to the fore. Or in other words there seems to be a disconnect or the wearing of the hair is truly ,just a style. 

By following these conventions especially in a democratic society aren't YOU allowing others (the mirror) to determine who YOU are?



So I am asking, who really make the changes in YOUR LIFE -the mirror or YOU.? 

Who is living within YOURSELF, the mirror or YOU? 

Who owns YOU, the mirror or YOU?

These can only be seen as scenarios of discomfort in YOUR  mindset - dissonance, disharmony. But you are disrupting the Society's  EQUILIBRIUM if you do otherwise.


 You must conform-who really cares about your disharmony-YOUR IDENTITY.

When the dissonance COMES IN YOU, society has it agents to take care of that-the rehablitative institutions-mental health institutions or the punitive ones-police & the jail. In other words you can be targeted once you don't conform. You sometimes don't even have to do a wrong.




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Showcasing ShowcasingShowcasing

This photograph is one of a showcase. I did it in 2016 while I was shopping in a Mall in Miami. I  took a break to relax and saw this gorgeous young lady within the showcase and could not resist capturing her-but for a purpose. The purpose was to get her to do a real photo shoot with me. 

SHOWCASING is never done without a purpose.

My taking the shot and then showing her was to show how gorgeous she looked even with my limitations. And if she would have afforded me the opportunity to do it right-she will only look more amazing.

So that’s what I was selling. And that’s what we do when we showcase. We are either selling ourselves , our organizations or just selling something-an object or an idea.

Human beings have been doing this for ages.

Back in the  STONE AGE men sold/showcased brute force-showing their power to seek out their opponents vulnerabilities to conquer them. And as a result men learnt to hide their weaknesses. For if revealed you became an easy target to conquer. So great wars long ago were based on simple research and planning. Finding your opponents weaknesses and the techniques that you should employ to achieve your purpose-conquering them.

The women on the other hand went for the softer or subtle showcasing-that of the appeal to the senses-sight, smell and sound. That is, they had to look good(with adornment on their bodies and their body itself )and to move good-their dance and their walk(the appeal to the sense of sight). They wore perfume and other stuff to engage the sense of smell. And talk and sang to attract the sense of hearing.

These concepts have stood even with the passage of time. And we have become so sophisticated that its difficult to place them into categories, like yesteryear, and assigning them to sexes.

But what bothered me though was a YouTube video that  I saw  from a leader of a Company called Cambridge Analytica . He was actually boasting on how he used people’s vulnerability to “conquer and win a war” (if you like)with his implemented strategy.

Perhaps, by his SHOWCASING of his work and that of his organization. He moved to greater heights by landing a bigger contract. We may never know all the contracts that his company had garnered with the aforementioned advertisement.

Nevertheless, public condemnation began and the company had to close its doors. All that had been exposed  sent ripples throughout the marketing industry on the web-apparently influencing changes in these peoples' approaches to data collection,dissemination and privacy issues.

Why and How this actually surfaced as a negative?

This possibly is the million or billion dollar question.

For it seemed to have been the ETHOS-the prevailing idea at the time.

Freudian concepts have always been used in MARKETING as long as I know myself.


    We have made such great strides in TECHNOLOGY and the country, UK and Cambridge-the University have refined the ART of  COMMUNICATION with GREAT FINESS.

 But why someone who sounded British and whose company had ,as part of its name ,that great institution-the university- explaining ,publicly, in a raw and inclining to be barbaric manner , his marketing strategy.

You may wish to suggest that that kind of antics should be left behind close doors, in a board room, perhaps.

My bother, though, was that it had to take a whistle blower to get us to see that it was bad.

 And that saddened me.

Nevertheless ,my delight is that the new version of the Ethos seemed to be more transparent. And the natural LAWS of the Universe seemed to have spoken, again ,and good sense seemed to have prevailed.

For what I saw in that Video ,from YouTub ,was the return of an earlier time-BARBARISM.


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The Meaning of Life The meaning of LifeThe question I asked very early in life and my work life answered it.
I could have said it more succinctly.
Please people , the words.


A suitable replacement for the image I had before on the education gained at my work place.

This video expresses it so succinctly.

No need for me to add .

This was my purpose for doing my job,besides,the monetary rewards gained from my employer for sustenance-i.e. the search for meaning in my life, the people with whom I interacted.

And reconciling all this with a world's view.


And please , people ,the words. Listen and or read the simple yet profound words.

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My Largest footprint My Largest footprintMy Largest footprintThis is an old photo of my father,my younger brother and I , shot it this evening impulsively just to do this-to put this photo on my about page because he was the photographer not I . I am just playing the a.Perhaps I should just stop at playing. But while downloading the images of this recorded on my camera it dawn on me that this was his birth month. I could not remember the day so I look up his birth certificate. He was born on 2010-04-04. If he was still alive he would have been 108 this month. So I do this to honour his memory.-especially in this,PHOTOGRAPHY.



This is an old photo of my father, my younger brother and I.

I copied the IMAGE with my camera and refined it in Lightroom to use it on my about page. 

 My father was the PHOTOGRAPHER ,I am just trying to carry on what he started in me. 

But while editing this image, I remembered that the month of April could be his birth month , so I checked his birth certificate for verification and I remembered correctly.

He was born on 2010-04-04.


So, impulsively I chose the right time  to honor his memory.

 Now I want YOU to pay attention to two important characteristics  of the MAN-one , in photography and the other, an aspect of his life as a Volunteer.

I'll leave the photography one for later.

If you look above his head in the background you may be able to see a cross. That’s the Anglican Church, it is still on the property. But the primary school which used to be operated in it is now most of the property-with the Church now separated and at the south eastern end.

 He was the Sexton. 

So if that’s the backdrop of the photo, then the image was taken on my paternal grandfather's property.

In the case of the photography trivia,  pay attention to his concern for my baby brother posing properly and standing on his own. You should also realized that he is looking directly at the camera so much so that the photographer got it right with him for sure-the catch light.

I want you to remember that this gentleman, was a street cleaner(working for the STATE) and a gardener(self employed) doing photography to add to his income but more for pleasure. He never even saw the inside of a high school. But  was so good a PHOTOGRAPHER that he could  direct a baby from behind the camera so that  the person taking the photograph could get it right with the primary subject-my baby brother. 

So folks, that's the real purpose-to give an idea of the kind of person he was and to show you my real  MENTOR IN PHOTOGRAPHY.

 I hope you were able to see the catch light in the eyes of the baby(you may need to use some type of magnification device, if you can't). 

And, remember the TORCH LIGHT concept from an earlier blog(Pointing the Light) my approach to the teaching/learning process. 

So my beef is not necessarily with people but with a system, that makes people ashamed of their circumstances, a system that is unjust, unfair( if you have loads of money even if you are wrong you can be proven right or can delay the process that long in order to frustrate it and its outcome) a system that is clearly contradictory, etc.

I can only be happy to have such like him as mentors. Those people who were the foundation of my development and the reasoning behind this personality.

And of course I dare not ignore the Master’s ACTION in all this.  


So I feel sad when children in that great country run a mock with guns and youths in my country run foul of the law. In my opinion the basic reason-the SYSTEM. The CONVENTIONS of society are unfair and unjust.  

But some  people prop these systems up for selfish reasons. Our goal should be to settle only for a harmonious, balanced, & fair Society-with little or no contradictions.

The important message from my primary mentors(father, mother ,gran mother and others) is this :-

 You should always view your SELF WORTH as more VALUABLE  than your  NET WORTH. 


 SELF WORTH  makes and keeps you HUMAN. 

 NET WORTH  archivers  are seldom HUMANE but most times very  UNHAPPY.

   However, they will spend lots of money to make you believe that they are  HAPPY.




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Our First PM a true VISIONARY-4-2 Our First PM a true VISIONARY-4-2Our First PM a true VISIONARY-4-2I wanted the shadow of this book to cast a long shadow as powerful as its author because as the title of the image suggests to me he was an extremely wise man. What would make a man name a book this way.? I could tell you. Those are the ONLY two names THAT HAVE LEFT A MARK ON THE CARIBBEAN. Cuba has given the world doctors. Cuba has given the world music and music insights. Cuba has given the world CREATIVITY IN EVERY SPHERE-even with keeping old vehicles operating like new with limited resources. Cuba has shown the world that it can exist and excell with extreme deprivation.Cuba is the only country that I have visited and know that most people work with the true spirit of PUTTING COUNTRY FIRST. So when people ask me why I continue to visit Cuba. Well , I could say that they have a Beach strip with quite a vast number of all inclusive resorts that your only expression would be WOW-good for events like weddings and anniversaries. But what erks me is this one:-what is the SHOPPING LIKE. Yes , people in the Caribbean have the SHOPPING UNTIL YOU DROP MENTALITY. Spending and the Capitalism gone mad attitude. Check this out tell me when last you hear a little boy with a gun go on a shooting rampage in Cuba? Maybe never-I doh put meh head on a block for no one or country even though I love and respect them or it. I love and respect Castro and his country because of what he and his country have done for my part of the world. I happy that the powers that be have offered you the opportunity to gain insight of how to live with deprivation and still excell and achieve great things and how to put COUNTRY FIRST.. Well at least that's my takeaway-not material things like brand names.


I deliberately shot the book with a shadow  because I wanted to dramatically showoff and discuss the power of the title  and  its author.

What would make a man name a book this way?

I could tell you.

Those are the ONLY two names THAT HAVE LEFT A MARK ON THE CARIBBEAN. We know of the former (Christopher Columbus) in books and music.

 Let's discuss  what you may not know about the other(Fidel Castro).

Fidel Castro has contributed to our part of the world more than any other  leader. 

His Country has given the world doctors.

It has given the world  music, music styling and music insights.

His country has given the world CREATIVITY IN EVERY SPHERE-even with keeping old vehicles operating like new with limited resources.

Cuba has shown the world that it can exist  and endure long spells of extreme deprivation and still excel.

 It is the only country that I have visited and know that most people work with the true spirit of PUTTING COUNTRY FIRST.

So when people ask me why I continue to visit Cuba. Well , I could say that they have a Beach strip with quite a vast number of all inclusive resorts that your only expression would be WOW, is this the poverty stricken country the world news show you. How they don't show all these fantastic design hotels. Are these hotels really in Cuba? Is Varadero a Cuban city or district? 

But what pains me is this one:-what is the SHOPPING LIKE. Yes , people in the Caribbean have the SHOPPING UNTIL YOU DROP MENTALITY. The only smart vacation is a place where you can Shop.

But tell me when last you heard a little boy with a gun go on a shooting rampage in Cuba?

Maybe never.

I respect Castro for what he has contributed to my part of the world.

I am  also happy that the powers that be has offered you the opportunity(through CAL) to gain insight of how to live with deprivation and still excel and achieve great things and how to put COUNTRY FIRST..


p.s. it's amazing how our great Prime Minister who is noted for analysing & examining the past (I am calling this backward thinking){note clearly the connotation of words which is sometimes contrary to their meaning-that's conventional wisdom for you} could have seen so far into the future(I am calling this forward thinking).  He and Castro surely had interactions perhaps DURING their years at University or in international fora.

So I,NOW, ask YOU a DIRECT question.

Do You see or put your COUNTRY FIRST?.


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The Myth on Creativity The Myth on CreativityThe Myth on CreativityIt is at this place and when possibly taking this shot that I overherd two young men(teenagers talking about homosexuality) one caucasin american and the other of an african american. They used one underlying ingredient to confirm their persercieved fact-creativity. So I asked both of them. Are you saying that if some is creative he is a homosexual? Well it seems as though they were sold on that idea.
That kinda of bothered me because if all the creative work in this world were done by homosexuals, wow what a world. So,then, most people are living in denial then?
I see some religious authors are attempting to associate me with this idea because I am associate myself with the concept.
I will only say this though,yes I am creative. For this right here is a creative shot.
But if they have a beautiful and brilliant daughter-a straight one. She may maybe able to get good lessons from me in her quest to understand how any right thinking woman should look as the characteristics in good male partner.
You see my lessons were learnt early because of my gandmother was a dressmaker. And after hearing the stories of these trouble women I vouched that this man would come clean with all women I encounter.
So I try my best to be honest with people and I expect them to be honest with me. Don't ever intend to stay in any relationship just for the sake of staying.
If these views are alien to you so be it.
But I don't subscribe to the view that your wild attempts are seemingly veering to. But ,though,whatever is a persons way of eating I believe he or she is at liberty to eat of it.
In fact when I was younger I thought that something was wrong with me when certain females abandoned relationships with me. Only to find out later that they never saw my sex as an appropiate partner.
I believe though,now, that to be good partner to anybody else you need to be as complete an individual that you can be.



When I was taking this shot  I overheard two male teenagers-a Caucasian American and an African American-talking about homosexuality.

They were a part of a group  apparently visiting Trinidad and this place-the Temple in the Sea-was part of the itinerary. 

I was sitting on the same bench preparing to take this shot.

They seemed to believe that once you are creative that you are a homosexual.

I decided to add my two cents to their conversation because I was worried about this particular generalization and  what these people are learning in the western (first)world because I seemed to be a creative area in photography  and I am heterosexual.

And if you wish to push  the argument further you may want to ask if all the creative work done on this planet are/were done by homosexuals. 

Then , ARE  ALL CREATIVES-the people in the visual, performing, literary arts, the innovators in architecture, machinery,music and new technology(the ones showing that they are heterosexual)- LIVING IN DENIAL? 


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Your Window to the World Your the WorldYour the WorldYour normal and natural view is to see your backyard or if not fenced in your neighborhood ,right? For that's seems logical. But once you have an IP, the WORLD IS AT YOUR DOORSTEP or your front window.
Thanks to your smart devices and innovators of progress and technology.


 In the Caribbean when there was activity  around us ,in the neighborhood we just had to look out the window,  like the subject in this photograph.

But modern technology has brought us a new window-one that gives us the opportunity to view the activities of our neighborhood and the world.


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The more I Pay the more YOU Play The more I Pay the more YOU PlayThe more I Pay the more YOU PlayAudience coverage ,Audience outreach is always greater if you are worth it.
The quality of your work is not the main ingredient in your success . But your ability to make the medium for outreach willing to support.So its not the quality of your work but the quantum of your worth.
Otherwise the blow of your music would not have the coverage it truly deserves. Well of course, unless you have the support of a great benefactor.
Then you can say BRAVO!, BRAVO! when you hear your music playing loudly. Remembering though, the reality that you can't say that without a CLAP. And that takes two hands.


  Stretch your imagination a bit and Liken this flutist to one who plays peoples music some or most of the times.

He is a Performer with great creditability to his name.

So if you wish to get your music out(to a wide audience) you would be willing for him to play it or them. But for his playing of it or them there is a cost. You can even set up shop at one of his rooms in his studio and produce your work. He has guidelines so that makes it easier for your music to fit his way of playing and possibly ensure success for both of you and of course, this would involve more money, more outlay.

You can then see him as a FACILITATOR or ENABLER.

But sometimes all the hard work is done by you-making the music, packaging, etc.

All he is doing is getting it to a wide audience. 

You pay a considerable sum of money for his ability to blow and his  reputation to capture a wide audience.

You are actually, in addition, paying for your inexperience and lack of knowledge.

Now , I will use a magic wand  and change the whole scenario and put photography in its place.

 What do you think of this?  


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in the Open but free in the Open but freein the Open but freeThat's how I love feeling when I am reading. T am in the Open-opening up to what this pewrson has to offer in terms of words and I am free because it's me,only.and the book no matter where I am. That's why I detest reading on a computer, tablet, smart phone. Yes ,these devices are signals of the advancement in technology. Reducuing the need to produce paper,convenient storage and you can carry around a whole library on your device. BUT ,and this one is a BIGGY. Why do I always feel sleepy when I am reading plenty on on these devices. Well I wear glasses and of course I have studyied the eye as a young student and whenever I visit these these specialist medical professionals and we discuss these issues a lot .I know what there instruments can do to help understand your eye problems and I also know about some technological breakthroughs in the field of eye care. My discussion verred to other areas when I discuss this sleepy issue with other medical practitioers very close to me. The idea of dopamine came up. But the word dope was something I remembered from my school days when youths use varios types and also knew of its use in PSYCHOLOGY & PSYCHIATRY. Even my mother would used this approach when she wanted to give us medicine that was not too palatable. So to avoid the challenges from us she would wake us up at midnight. The medicine went down our stomachs between sleep and wake.When we were concious of the bad taste it was already down.Vommiting was out of the question.WE WERE BACK IN SLEEP MODE.


That's how I love feeling when I am reading.

I am in the Open-opening up to what this person has to offer in terms of words and I am free because it's me,only,and the book no matter where I am.

That's why I detest reading on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Yes ,these devices are signals of the advancement in technology. Reducuing the need to produce paper,convenient storage and you can carry around a whole library on your device.

But because of all the information going around its difficult to discern what to believe from what not to believe. Who can be monitoring you and how.




In fact I am fascinated by scientists and their progress.

But several years ago someone said to me that the Facebook mogul covers the camera on his laptop.

Now IMAGINE THIS why would someone want to do that?

And that chap? WHY?

My friends are telling me that sometimes you really don't know where the camera(s) is /are on these devices. There maybe dummy and real one/ones.

So perhaps a wise thing a studio Photographer should do is to use his soft box or beauty dish to better expose your monitor or smart TV-an unintended purpose of that instrument.

But speaking of un-intended purposes. This is the real bother. We are in the age of vast automation. Can devices/microchips practice the techniques of auto suggestion. And you academics don't quote me  results of your research showing those things are impossible because being a researcher myself I know one can manipulate almost anything and anybody.So please be honest.

My bother is that man is imperfect and devices can be used for circumstances  outside of what they were made for by brilliant hackers who have some grouse with the world or the same place where they got all their knowledge.

This is a moral issue.

Because the simple knife which was designed to cut my vegetables can kill someone.

In like manner auto suggestion and knowing peoples tastes can work against YOU if evil people who wish to harm have this knowledge. You see I take MY PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD seriously.

After the original/first writing of this piece. I got an alert to check  a Facebook Scandal and Wow! information was revealed to me I never knew of.

The term psychographics was extremely insightful. Now I want to help you and all others to understand how my mind works(and perhaps some of you may know based on what was revealed by those data scientists).

But I want to admit that my words ,most times are pure conjecture and I do things impulsively.

And although CONVENTIONAL WISDOM(C.W.) in the sciences  states that you explain your limitations up front when proposing something, leaders in Conventional Wisdom-would suggest that you are an ass to reveal much.

So I go with this principle when treating with anything from individuals and groups at the FRONTIERS of BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES.

I hope you remember my personality type, I just have great trust issues.

 So I am revisiting to wax a bit Shakespearean.

I go to Julius Caesar for this.

But I want to suggest, firstly, that all that have surfaced in the past couple of weeks show how the NATURAL  LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE operate and at the same time what can come from an overzealous marketer and his team who seemed to have acted "out of character" with the country and institution which he is possibly, from .

But ,from a quick view at some videos on the investigation one can gather that knowledge of these tools and what they can do seemed to be all out in the open and it has made all or most users of the technology more confident to say more and adjust their policies, to become more transparent.

 But please be mindful of the fact that the Facebook leader and his team's confidence has nor dipped.

All this has shown is how mature he and his team have become of their ingenuity. And when I say TEAM I am not referring only to his direct employees.


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Capturing, Creating and Conventions


Now ,this was part of a paid assignment.

Never worked with the person before but I was happy to come shoot these because I shot her creations once before working with someone else.

So I eagerly jump at the opportunity to do this, not clearly understanding that it was a job.

All I wanted was to see her work again and record it on camera.

This one was different because it was a job, a happy surprise to me(but had my doubts because of my limited hardware),and because this one was indoors. 

So with some vague outlines described by her of what she expected I began. This was one done when one of her technicians began testing the lights.

But the major piece that I used for the concept piece on the subject of weddings had the additional yellow or orange light and I add, in editing, by beefing up the contrast and saturation.
Here I am using this one to make a point on one of the conventions of photography and that on websites and why I seemed to be on a crusade to turn it, CONVENTIONAL WISDOM ON ITS HEAD.

You see CONVENTIONAL WISDOM HELPS & HURT YOU at the same time,especially in the Caribbean.  If you don't take care of YOU. You can easily become a frequent patient to COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

This is a proper example of the concept Dr..

What I am about to discuss is just one example.

I was talking to a young friend recently about my work and what  one of the experienced member of the profession said to me. And that was, that I worked to hard and people would not want to pay for what I do . So I must just give  PEOPLE what they want  and pay for and she agreed.

She also pointed out to me if I do my thing I am being selfish .

I don't see it that way.

So I asked. Tell me, Do you love Machel and do you got to his shows? It was yes on the two.



You see, when I do my work I must first satisfy me that I am giving you the best I could give you. I then communicate that to you.

In the end if you don't like what I do or did you demonstrate that thought. If you love it well I am happy and I say thanks. If you don't like it. I again say thanks and fare well  , do an evaluation and move on.

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You deserve Two my Queen You deserve Two my QueenYou deserve Two my QueenWell ,we were at the Royalton and it was high quality alcohol.


Well ,we were at the Royalton and it was high quality alcohol.

( Note, please ,the photo was not staged).

 If we were in Medieval times and I said :-


If you were from the Shakespearean school you might say  that I communicated like a swordsman with a double edge sword, yes I usually give to people what I believe they deserve.

And YOU(Yes ,YOU, seem to always  settle for less, but you think it's more).


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Hey! Mine not Yours-3 Hey! Mine not Yours-3Hey! Mine not Yours-3That's my Welcome Drink of the all inclusive resort called Royalton HIcacos. It was Champagne in the glass. I don't drink the stuff. So I left on the table for my partner ,Lecticia.. And I saw this guy looking at it and decided to take this shot. He is in silhouette,intentionally and the glass with its content is clearly in focus. But my advice to you is Start taking ownership,control and responsibilty for YOU and YOURS-the things that are of your creation.


That's my Welcome Drink at the all inclusive resort called Royalton HIcacos, in Cuba.

It was Champagne in the glass. I don't drink the stuff. So I left it on the table for my partner ,Lecticia..

 I saw this guy looking at it or in its direction and decided to take this shot.

He is in silhouette,intentionally and the glass with its content is clearly in focus.

It was done to convey this message to YOU:- 

 Start taking ownership,control and responsibilty for YOU and YOURS-the things that are of your creation(all!).


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My Mundane Existence-01 My Mundane Existence-2My Mundane Existence-2This started off as a simple experiment in framing and ended up a a simple mini story about life in Cuba. In order to keep the persons identity masked editing was used not to help exposure but to conceal it but still convey the message of this young gentle man's pains possibly because he doesn't have a job to hold on to his mate-or maybe she is with child. But his expressions convey a problem and whatever it is you can see that is too difficult for him to carry alone.. It is 8.30 am. that means if he had a job he should not be sitting on the sea walll on the Port Avenue.View the other images to get a clearer picture.

I want to start writing less. But here, I believe that I should write more .

I saw a friend's profile today and it was an image with the word happiness ,a measuring tape ,one like my grannies and an old time (vintage)key. Now I can interpret that image in several ways-but I stick to a basic interpretation- was it a question or a statement. Let's take a dive into it as a Question-How do you measure happiness? or What is the key to happiness? or as statements-Happiness is beyond measurement. The key to happiness is never try measuring it.

Not saying anymore but to suggest that it always boils down to interpretation and your intellectual make-up(the knowing that feeds your analysis). 

So when I say creativity cannot be planned, I am using this same kind of analysis. If you choose to see your artistic ability to move around things with the assistance of photoshop as creativity, that's fine. But to me it is not. It is strategic thinking from a knowledge base  using editing software to manipulate.

If you also do this kind of work in the field ,moving around objects, once it's not naturally occurring , it's your great intelligence and knowhow working for you ,again this is also a kind of manipulation,in my book.

When I was in Secondary school we used to "create" animosity and bacchanal in the darkroom by putting a girl and boy who hated each other together when their photos had similar backgrounds and place their photos in shapes that show that they were lovers. 

This was clever manipulation to an "evil" end we did as teenagers but it was big joke for us.

What I do now, on the other hand is something that just happens and sometimes I don't even understand how the whole thing gels because it's instinctive.

The ,image, before you, is a good example of this.

 It started off as a simple experiment in framing and ended up as a simple mini story about life in Cuba.

In order to keep the persons identity masked editing was used not to help the exposure but to conceal it yet enough to see the message depicted by  the image.

 His expression showed that there was a problem and whatever it was you can see from this image and the sequence of images shot. And if you know Cuba at all a young gentleman would not be at the sea wall  on the Port Avenue, at 8.30 am. He would be either on vacation or without job. I chose to project the latter because of my knowledge of the place(I have been visiting since 1999,or thereabouts).

View the other images to get a clearer picture.


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Book Sense vs Common sense. Book Sense vs Common sense.Book Sense vs Common sense.

When I began visiting Cuba my ability to understand and converse in Spanish was poor. And the first time I visited the country I stayed in a hotel  that  my pocket could have afforded. It was while I was there I learnt from Cubans more economical means to stay in their country and be closer to the people. So arrangements were made for me to stay at bed & breakfasts at first ,then, later complete apartments. But wherever I stayed I saw this sign and in the B&B the owners will say that the authorities usually visited to observe and see if they were operating within the confines of the laws.

So when my Cuban friend in conversation mentioned the term PATENTE LEGAL  in my mind I went to word patent  and legality so I assumed she was talking about a legal patent or permission by the authorities to do the kind of business-because everybody can't have the same patent. That would not make sense.

And that's what common sense is about.

It's about ASSOCIATING  (and making sense from)what you KNOW with what you ENCOUNTER  in order to ESTABLISH PATTERNS-to facilitate harmony in your mind.

New things ,new adventures entice your curiosity to discover and use what is already learnt-this thought process of association is the human beings comfort zone. And it feeds on the building block theory.

My mother was a great CRAFT PERSON/INFLUENCER in this area of mentoring.

 She created and enabling environment for this kind of common sense learning to flourish not by pushing down her children's throats instructions but creating an enabling environment through conditioning in order that common sense to flow and always be at the front of her children's minds.

A simple but powerful example is the use of the phrase COMMON SENSE WAS MADE BEFORE BOOK(for sure, that's not her way of saying it, but this way:- COMMON SENSE MAKE BEFORE BOOK). 

Whenever I was around her while attending Secondary school THE PHRASE was used more than three times a day, most of the week because she found her son ,me, too self opinionated. I hope you understanding how important words and their REPETITION, ARE.

I can now safely say, despite all that I have said about the unintended consequences of her actions, that I am happier man because my mother was never a graduate of a University.

For she would have never been a BETTER INFLUENCER TO HER SON, IF SHE WAS.

In my opinion, formalized education would have corrupted her persuasive techniques.

And being my mother's & father's son I need to say this since I mentioned the word patent more than once I believe that I should say that I use Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom  6 software which I bought as a STANDALONE ONE and try to use it sparingly in editing- using it more as a great cataloging tool .

When some or major enhancement is needed as part of an idea I rely only on Nik's Silver effects  & its Color effects Pro plug-in.

My parents thought me to buy what you truly need. Then its yours. It's not on hire purchase-so people CAN'T COME IN YOUR HOUSE and embarrass you or routinely check how you using they product-that's why we bought even though we were poor and acknowledge with gratitude when people help, though big or small-in terms of their gesture or their circumstances in life.

These acts should never be considered naïveté, or stupidity, just purely good manners, or good breeding.


It's a pity my father isn't alive to see me write or record this. But they conditioned me to say these kind of things and also to be prepared to take on the consequences of all my actions-that's the life-my life(can't run from it, can't  deny it.  

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Embracing the shade WHITE Road Worthy in Havana-55Road Worthy in Havana-55These two are either mother and daughter,aunt and n iece or older friend and a younger. But apart from that they are from the African religion in Cuba-Santeria.. I so wanted to focus on them that I removed the beautiful colors of the street from them just for the white. Before I cold not completely understand the association with the color /shade white. Now as my wisdom grew I can now understand moving from the narrow view of just the purity concept but on the one that says that all colors are in white. or whiite can be any of colors-the warm and the cold ones..


 I know I would never be able to sell this photo because I don't have a release from the person who has become the main subject(she is looking at me) & I may never find her, only if perhaps I tried to sell the image.

  Her instinctive look at me when I took the shot I could not resist showing.

She is just absolutely gorgeous in the composition. And it was not a posed but candid shot.

But apart from that ,the African religion in Cuba-Santeria seemed to be telling us something.


I am not talking about color of people here because you supposed to embrace all peoples.


Now, I believe that they are truely on to something. The purity concept  says that all colors exist  in white and that's what you see in a rainbow(remember your elementary physics or from your basic art classes). White can really be any color. It can also be warm or cold.

My gratitude goes out to my Cuban partner & photography for this insightful memorobalia.


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