I am 

Trevor Edwards. 


 I emphasize the camera and  its lens more than anything else in my work .

Editing  is mainly used for correcting errors of images that are still significant to me so that I can  keep and show.

 I seldom use editing to manipulate.  

I also tell clients to balance the pain of their money leaving their pockets with the efforts and creativity that  I employ to do their work.

Usually they  are the ones who share in the winnings-a job well done. 

You see I don’t concentrate on the profit margin.

 I just want to do the best that I could ever do.

Actually, how I approached this field is possibly as a result of my father.

He is here in the collage.

Being good and doing good seemed relative and subjective ideas

People do things because they want to see if they  can and if they would be allowed to them.

The outcomes in both instances will determine their continued actions.

Now over the  last two weeks beginning from 13th May 2018 until 26th of the same month I have seen videos and written stuff from Google, LinkedIn  and Microsoft that made me  BEGIN again rethink this question-the pervasive one-WHAT REALLY IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? And of course the extensions, what is its value and how people in the various categories see as its value?

No answers yet.

Another point to notice is the fact that most people don't fully understand what it is to criticize.

Criticism carries a great responsibility.

Firstly if you wish to criticize you should also be willing to receive criticism.

Secondly, concentrate on elevating or improving with your statements put forward as your critiques disregarding anyone who may see flaws in your style (it's yours ,not theirs). Noting ,that most people who offer criticism attempt to summon emotions not objectivity.

I try my best to stick to objectivity at all cost. And even when one is directed at me and is intended to be offensive and destructive -steep in emotion I still manage to get something from it.

These and more ,are the Hall Mark of the early educational tools gained from most of my mentors, who are no longer alive. 

He is one of them.  



Trevor Edwards


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