I am Trevor Edwards. 

 I am a  CREATIVE  SHOOTER  shooting  IDEAS & IMAGES  ,seriously, for about four years. But photography has been with me for most of my life. My father was a part time photographer and that signaled my starting -curiosity/passion. At  Secondary school the interest /passion grew in a club using film.

I am also a researcher, social scientist ,if you like ,over 30 years, and playing with elements of research even before that ,my schooling only provided me with tools to do it better.

My certification in photography are my images. Now ,in the organization where I last worked. Quality was an abused word because in my opinion( and you would  know  that interpretation and the use of words  is  a matter for  up for subjectivity judging ) most of the managers that were  touted AS BEING OF A HIGH QUALITY(some are still there) were  SUBSTANDARD. And please for your own sake  & mine don't asked for any further explanation.

So on this site the word QUALITY is not used as a marketing strategy but a goal. I follow two basic LAWS in ECONOMICS. The first I call the Inverse law of LABOR-I SEEK QUALITY FIRST and when that is established money becomes a negotiable value. The second ,is that I respect & cherish institutions that extend my value-those who gave of their services free I find ways of returning the favor, by offering a service or product free or by showing my gratitude publicly as a pure intent or as a promotion. And the ones who extend my value for a price the LAW of RECIPROCITY continues.

I have added another  group to line up but the galleries therein are only for show.
Notwithstanding that, if you see an image or more that you wish to purchase from any of the galleries under
NOSTALGIA (the group name) just send me a message from the guest book area.

The galleries under this group are all about people and the images there which can be bought as stock are given the labels release available(R.A).

You may also see some of my early works of Sapphire, the only professional that I have used so far, BEING USED AS promos and infor-motials on the site because they are good enough to do just that . 

But something has been bothering me ever since I left the first curated site I was on and a piece of advice given me by them when they seemed to realized that I was not returning. 

It came more dramatically, though, from ALAMY coming to the end of Christmas and with Google keyword planning tool, too when a particular keyword phrase keep recurring ,in my opinion,too often.

 As a result I began asking myself and my devices questions. One directed me to parental controls-and this was the significant one. So I step it up. And after, anytime I visited my editing software, and I am sure by now you know which I used, I kept seeing a ton load of websites asking permission please. So I went in search and saw where they were and started telling them get out and removing them.

What was surprising was the fact that my images apparently looked better than before.Should I HAVE SAID MY SKILL LEVEL GOT A JUMP AS CHRISTMAS GIFT.

But I got from the software manufacturer alerts like these any time I launched-we can't verify your license (but I have my serial number and still have my bill or receipt from Amazon for the purchase-not rent,puchase of the software) and other alerts, began coming. And that shit  I hear people saying when  I go places asking about what is happening with my software is an excuse made more for a graphic artist and to keep the software manufacturer in my finances. If you sell a software and there are issues with it then you owe the persons buying your product. And please if you say that's why you added the creative cloud to software.

No ! that's not satisfactory. But now my software seemed to be working better, but now it has become unstable because I frequently have to send reports and reopen it, anytime a bug is discovered ,you should be apologizing and or refunding me ,a purchaser, not doing whatever you are doing at present.

That's just who I am.

Don't want too much, just want to continue where MY  passion leads me...if ..

 YOU  wish to help ,judge and measure  my work- do this by either clicking the heart button or leaving some words-they are so important to me -positive or negative ones all are accepted, have no fear,  voice your opinion.

It may help me improve. And thanks again to all who still have consciences and prefer not to rob or hurt a poor old man.

So as the quality improves by your support, my LIMBO BAR GOES A NOTCH UP not down(P.S, I am an old man, I have to do things contrary).

And I hope some day, in the future, that I can raise that bar So far up that I would not have to stoop and I'll invite you to :-





Trevor Edwards


1-868-685-7512 or 1-868-356-4078